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My name is Jim Angelus. At just 44 years old, I’ve already been blessed with a second chance at life. And now I invite you, through your support of International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) to help the less fortunate find their second chance.

The basics of my life today are rather ordinary. I am an Orthodox Christian of Greek descent. I am married to Lynn and we have 9-year-old twin sons, Nicholas and Evan. But 25 years ago, shortly after graduating from high school, I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Even though I’m fully cured, those memories remain vivid and provide personal motivation.

As a result, I’ve turned a lifelong dream into the means to make a difference in the lives of people suffering from war, poverty and natural disasters. I’m an avid cyclist and my personal goal has been to cycle across the United States. From this passion has come Race To Respond, an opportunity to give thanks, give back, serve as a role model to my sons and to support IOCC’s humanitarian efforts around the globe.

The idea for Race To Respond was born at a regional cycling event where I met another cyclist who shared my love of cross-country events. For ultra-cyclists, the challenge to race cross country in just 25 days at a pace modeled after the Tour de France provides the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance.

For you and your organization, this event provides an excellent means to help those who know, as I do, that life is fragile, unpredictable and precious. Your financial support and sponsorship of Race To Respond will help IOCC in its mission to address a broad range of humanitarian needs throughout the world.

The ultimate success of Race To Respond will be measured by its ability to inspire and attract local, regional and national support and sponsorships. I invite you to become part of this inspirational undertaking and help us demonstrate how the efforts of a few can make a difference in our world at large.