Arrival in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Cabot Trail Day 1 - Baddeck - Margaree

Cabot Trail Day 3 - Cheticamp - Dingwall

Cabot Trail Day 4 - DIngwall - Ingonish

Cape Breton Day 5 - Ingonish - Baddeck

Cabot Trail Day 2 - Margaree - Cheticamp

Cabot Trail Day #3: - Cheticamp - Dingwall: I begin with the notable fact that my son Evan conquered the mountain passes over the Cape Breton’s National Park. Today would be the 75km/4,600 ft elevation ascent involving 3 climbs - French Mountain, MacKenzie Mountain, and North Mountain. The ascents ranged from 5% to 16%, only separated by a lunch in the valley that separated them. Truth be told, it rivaled Trail Ridge in ’02 and Stevens Pass in ’12.

Cabot Trail Day #4: Dingwall - Ingonish: Fog greeted us and stayed with us until close to noon. The sun broke through early in Dingwall on the ocean in bands of spotlights. Today’s ride followed our breakfast at the Markland Inn as we rode along perhaps the most scenic views of CB - between Cape North and Neil’s Harbor; The views now resembling Maine’s coastline. We began on White Point Road, the coastal route which brought us to a 7 mile stretch of ultramarine beaches of Aspy Bay. We met fog and colder temps as we entered Neils Harbor and ate clam chowder at the Chowder House by the Lighthouse. It finally grew warmer as we rode along the coastline through Green Cove where we witnessed some of the most incredible geographical relationships between metamorphic rocks and the intrusive igneous rock formations that formed into banded gneisses and schists. Before we knew it, we had arrived at Neil’s Harbor Point at the Keltic Lodge. Tomorrow, our return to Baddeck...

Cabot Trail Day #5: Ingonish - Baddeck: Evan and I left Ingonish Beach with a climb up from the coast, back onto the Cabot Trail, and to our final major climb up Cape Smokey. We were rewarded with a visit to the Wreck Cove general Store for provisions, followed by a lunch break at the Clucking Hen. Today’s ride followed the rolling hills along Cape Breton's Atlantic coastline bringing us into Englishtown where we passed the Gaelic College at Saint Ann’s, an institution dedicated to the preservation and teaching of Scottish Language and Culture. Our final stretch of riding was an 8 mile ride on the Trans Canada Highway which brought us past the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in Baddeck. Our group of 11 had ridden the Cabot Trail in 5 days, completing 210 miles, with a total elevation of 13,948 feet. Without any doubt, the Cabot Trail topped both Cross Country in ’02 and ’12; mainly because I had Evan with me. With only one training ride in DC, almost 2 months ago, he rose to the challenge each day with enthusiasm, motivating me and others in our group as well. We are blessed

Cabot Trail Day #2: Margaree - Cheticamp: Left the Normaway Inn and rode through the area settled by the Acadians in the late 1700s, the road that would take us to the northern coast toward Cheticamp. We grabbed lunch at a local favorite - Dancing Goat Cafe, left Marejoree Harbour. Heading along the coast brought us closer to the cliffs and beaches until we reached Northern Cheticamp. The day ended with a hike along the Salmon Pools and the National Park. Tonight, an early and hearty dinner in preparation for the two climbs tomorrow up French Mountain and North Mountain.

Evan’s flight came in on time on Saturday. Got onto Cape Breton Isle around 9:30pm. Spent Sunday organizing gear and scoping out the area. We finally checked into the Silver Dart Lodge where we met the Freewheeling Adventures Tour group. Had a great dinner at a farm house called the “Bite House” a family operated restaurant. (The food would please and impress Nick).The big discovery was the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. Never realized that he lived, invented, and tested much of his work in Baddeck. Took a breathtaking walk along the fishing docks and boardwalk. Great start to what I hope is a memorable adventure riding the Cabot Trail. — with Evan Angelus.Type your paragraph here.

Cabot Trail Day #1: Baddeck to Margaree - We knew there would be rain on day 1, but it turned out to be a light drizzle with sun in the late morning into the afternoon. We are riding the Cabot Trail clockwise, and so today’s ride took us from Baddeck to Margaree Valley. The ride went along the Baddeck River Valley heading west over Hunter’s Mountain along the Middle River Valley and into the valley of the Margaree. The roads were mostly quiet, a bit wet but began to dry towards the end of our ride. If we had to have a day of rain, this was the one as there were not many descents. Tomorrow, Lord willing, north along the western coast to Cheticamp. — with Evan Angelus.